Developing Mobile Apps

A mobile app, also known as an application or just an application, is an application that runs on a mobile phone, smartwatch, or other mobile computing device. As its name suggests, it is a software application that can be downloaded by consumers and installed on their devices. The main reason why mobile devices are the … Developing Mobile Apps Read...

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The Need for a Good Business App

Mobile app development is usually the process or activity by which an app is designed for mobile devices, which include smart phones, business digital devices and personal digital assistants. While the technology is highly-innovative, there are also certain things that need to be considered in order to ensure that the creation of a good mobile … The Need for a...

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App Design – Why It’s Important

In very broad terms, mobile app developers are responsible for creating an app appear beautiful and functional. While web developers create it so that it works well, mobile app development covers both aspects. Mobile app development includes both the actual UI and the user experience (user interface). Developers are responsible for developing the overall look … App Design – Why...

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How to Make an App?

Mobile app development is basically the process or procedure by which an app is created for mobiles, including business digital phones, personal digital assistants and other mobile devices. The term “Mobile app” refers to a software application that is designed for use on mobile devices. Most of these apps can be downloaded and run from … How to Make an...

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Use Your Own App to Create Your App Store

If you have a website that is looking to create an online presence for itself, you may need to build a custom-made, cloud-based App for it. Microsoft’s Azure web sites is a fully-virtualized cloud-based platform for running websites, developed and managed by Microsoft. It is designed with the sole intention of providing web developers and … Use Your Own App...

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The Differences Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites

Mobile apps and mobile sites are two separate aspects of a single program. While both are normally used on the same medium (tablets and smartphones), mobile apps are usually more interactive and customized compared to mobile sites (web sites). Mobile apps are software applications developed by third-party developers. These applications are usually open source and … The Differences Between Mobile...

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